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ATI Brief on Australia's RNP Transition

Australia’s move away from ground based NAVAIDS has achieved a significant milestone. New requirements for foreign operators take effect 26 May 2016. In 2014 the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) published a Civil Aviation Order 20.91 beginning the transition away from VORs.  In 2016 CASA released two Aeronautical Information Circulars, AIC 10/16 and AIC 11/16, detailing the next critical phase of this process. AIC 10/16 identifies new Performance Based Navigation requirements and AIC 11/16 identifies the decommissioning of 179 VORs.

CASA’s goal is to achieve full implementation of RNP 1 and RNP 2 standards by 31 January 2018.
The stated intent is that these standards will require State of Registry authorization; an Ops Spec or LOA. The language of AIC 10/16 instructs operators who currently do not possess an authorization for RNP 1 and RNP 2 to have a State of Registry authorization for RNAV 1 and RNAV 2 systems based on GPS, and submit for a waiver utilizing CASA Form 0667. The waiver will allow operations with RNAV 1 and RNAV 2 Authorizations until 31 January 2018 when the RNP1 and RNP 2 Authorizations will be required.

The PBN requirement is further detailed in a separate CASA document providing “General Guidance”. The requirements as stated in AIC 10/16 will adversely effect and limit operations of many foreign operators and has resulted in IBAC responding directly to the CASA authorities requesting clarification. The “General Guidance” has consequently been revised 6 times and was rereleased as version 6 on May 16th 2016 with considerably less restrictive language.

ATI conducted a Webinar on worldwide regional PBN transitions and addressed the Australian transition as a part of the Webinar. Links to the CASA General Guidance and the Waiver form are provided to assist operators in reviewing the requirements.

FAA issues Advisory Circular 90-105A - Approval Guidance for RNP Operations and Barometric Vertical Navigation is the U.S. National Airspace System and in Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace

Advisory Circular 90-105A was issued by the FAA on March 7th.  It effectively places all RNP guidance in a single advisor circular.  Advisory Circular 90-105 was rescinded and FAA Orders 8400.12C and 8400.33 have been replaced.  The information now regarding equipment requirements, operational procedures, and approvals as required is contained in the newly issued Advisory Circular relative the following RNP operations:
  • Required Navigation Performance Approach (RNP APCH) procedures;
  • Barometric vertical navigation (baro-VNAV);
  • RNP 1 (terminal operations)
  • RNP 0.3 (rotocraft) operations;
  • RNP 2 domestic, offshore, oceanic and remote continental operations;
  • RNP 4 oceanic and remote continental operations;
  • RNP 10 (Area Navigation (RNAV) 10) oceanic and remote continental operations;
  • Advanced Required Navigation Performance (A-RNP), and
  • Additional Capabilities.

For the first time the FAA has introduced the concept of bundling approvals for RNP operations, which allows the FAA more latitude in granting a wider range of authorizations on a single operator application.  It should lead to reduced cost and workload for both the operator and the FAA.

To access the Advisory Circular click here to access our Reference Library (a login to this free resource is required), select the Navigation heading and select the blue link titled “Approval Guidance for RNP Operations and Barometric Vertical Navigation is the U.S. National Airspace System and in Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace.”

ATI employs a unique philosophy, emphasizing real world application of regulations and procedures and how they are executed based on the aircraft and navigation systems equipment installed.

Recurrent Training via Webinar

Air Training International is pleased to announce that our recurrent training is now available live via online webinars.  The regularly scheduled webinars feature live interaction with ATI’s instructors via GoToMeeting.  This exciting format allows participants to enjoy a live class without the commitments of travel.

Our webinar Recurrent is a full-day course featuring the same dynamic presentations that are used in our Training Center and OnSite classes.  We offer both scheduled and ad-hoc webinar classes throughout each month.  Scheduling information can be found here, or you may contact Terry for more information at terry@trainati.com.

New Free Service to our clients

Air Training International is excited to offer existing customers another great benefit -- instructor-led update webinars. These monthly, half hour-long webinars are conducted by our instructors and feature a variety of timely topics related to international operations.  These are included in your training package without additional charge.

If you would like more information on our monthly international update webinar series, please contact Terry Giasson via email: terry@trainati.com.

Traditional International Flight Operations Training

Both Initial and Recurrent Training Courses are regularly offered at our
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On-Demand Web-Site Training
Our web-site training is available 24/7/365, anywhere high-speed internet access is available. Within hours of requesting our online course, your flight department can begin their Initial or Recurrent Training and complete the selected modules at their own pace.
Initial Training is available online or in-person following the recommended minimum training curriculum necessary for a pilot to be considered qualified for international operations as outlined in the Inspector's Handbook 8900.1.

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Our Recurrent Training offers you the unique ability to completely customize the training you desire to receive. We also offer a standard syllabus for both online and live training venues.

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